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Maria Gitin is available to read and discuss her experience as a teenage civil rights worker in rural Alabama in 1965 and about current voting rights and racial justice issues. Virtual or live presentations include personal stories and archival photos as well as commentary on voting rights and social justice today. Book signing available.

To discuss a potential event or presentation with Maria Gitin, please call 831-708-2560 (office) or e-mail her at Maria Gitin is a professional speaker, please prepare honoraria.

We offer these presentation formats:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Book Talks and Slide Show
  • Voting Rights and Racial Justice & Equity Presentations and Panel Discussions
  • Webinars

Where Maria Presents:
• Martin Luther King Jr. Observances
• Universities and Colleges
• Civil Rights and History Museums
• Nonprofit Organizations and Faith Based Institutions

What people say: Maria Gitin Mobile, AL

More Praise for Maria Gitin Presentations

Your book is more important than you know and it is greatly appreciated if for no other reason than you share our truth. Our stories. Our lives. – Ruby Love, Founder, Love Resource Development Group, LLC

It was a pleasure to have you with us and to hear about your experiences as an incredibly courageous nineteen-year-old. Thank you for your ongoing work in the area of race relations and racial justice. – Steve Murray, Director, Alabama Department of Archives & History

Thank you! thank you! Thank you! Your contribution to the “Voice of Conscience: Civil Rights, Post-Civil Rights and the Future Freedom Struggle” was the highlight.  As Director of the Program in African American and Diaspora Studies at Vanderbilt and on behalf of the program committee we thank you. – Victor D Anderson, Vanderbilt University

What an extraordinary experience and contribution. Maria’s stories connect in many ways to the liberation and empowerment themes ofWomen for Women International (WfWI). – E. Ramone Segree, US Executive Director/Vice President Marketing, Development and Communications

Maria’s passion, compassion, and love for the people of Wilcox County shines through in her lecture. I count it a privilege to meet someone who is so genuine and is part of living history. DeeAnn, student University of South Alabama