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Presentations for Maria To Read From This Bright Light of OursMaria Gitin is available to read from This Bright Light of Ours and to discuss her experience as a teenage civil rights worker in rural Alabama in 1965. Maria Gitin presents to college and university students, to community groups, museums, nonprofit organizations, and at Martin Luther King Jr Celebrations.  Presentations include personal stories and photos of her African American co-workers during the Civil Rights Movement along with discussion of current voting rights and social justice issues. Audience Reactions 

We offer the following:

  • Book Talks and Slide Shows-Virtual and Live
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Voting Rights and Racial Justice Panelist
  • Media Interviews with historic and current perspectives

In order to tailor her presentation to meet your needs, please tell us more about your plans. Maria Gitin is a professional speaker, please prepare a budget for travel and honoraria. 831.708.2560 (office) or

Thank you.