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DRAFT Timeline for Wilcox County Alabama Major Civil Rights Events of the 1960’s Thank you for years of allowing me to share some of the history of the vital Civil Rights Movement in rural Wilcox County Alabama. I leave with gratitude to all who contributed and to the next generation. The following timeline highlights events […]

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Gratitude to Charles “Chuck” Bonner

  Your book is powerfully written and a wonderful first hand witness of civil rights history unfolding in the lives of us movement kids, in the country and in the world. – Charles A. Bonner, Esq. SNCC field director, civil rights attorney, author of The Bracelet Thank you Charles, for befriending me and teaching us […]

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Gratitude to the wonderful, courageous residents of Wilcox County

My gratitude goes to the wonderful, courageous residents of Wilcox County, Alabama who shared their stories and validated my own experience and re-exploration of this amazing stronghold of African American activism. “You are a walking encyclopedia. The history you have gathered regarding this county is truly beyond reproach.” —Carolyn Smith-Taylor, daughter of Wilcox County Freedom […]

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