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Grateful to Martha Jane Brazy University South Alabama and her students

I am not overly interested in the history of the South, yet her story had my full attention from beginning to end. She told it in such a personal way, it made it seem so much more real than the history you read about in books. I believe this is what made it so interesting, for me. Her story was enthralling. She managed to make me smile, laugh, and nearly made me cry, at a couple of points. She was so brave, coming down to the South during such awfully dangerous times, at such a young age. I was so moved that I stayed after class in order to meet her.
– Lindsey Bozeman, University of South Alabama, student of Dr. Martha Jane Brazy

Dr. Brazy and her students welcomed me enthusiastically to their classes which I visited after giving the annual Gender Studies lecture in March last year. She wrote that one student in particular wanted to share her thoughts and that I have their permission to do so. Thank you Lindsay! I hope you are doing well in school and in life. We look forward to seeing you again when I return to Mobile this March

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